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Special season exam

21 Julho 2021, 11:59 Francisco Saraiva de Melo

Dear students,

The special evaluation season exam for the course "Planning, Learning and Decision Making" will occur on July 23, at 11h30, in room V1.16 for all students registered in this evaluation (both from Alameda and TagusPark). The exam will last for 3 hours (11h30-14h30). Just like during the regular season, the exam is open-book and open-notes, meaning that you can take and consult any printed material you deem relevant. You can also use a calculator. During the exam, no communicating devices can be used or be on your tabletop.

The grades will be published on the course's web page during the afternoon, and you can revise your graded test at 17h00 of that same day (23/07), in Office I of Pavilhão de Informática III, Alameda (that is the room above DEI Services). I will send the final grades to IST's administrative offices that same afternoon.

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