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Registration for the test

15 Outubro 2019, 12:39 Francisco Saraiva de Melo

Registrations for the first test are now open. You should register in Fenix for the campus in which you intend to take the test.

Registrations are mandatory. If you don't register, we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to take the test, so make sure that you register before the deadline.

Change of room

23 Setembro 2019, 13:13

Change of room

23 Setembro 2019, 13:13

Important information

15 Setembro 2019, 16:40

Important information regarding lab sessions

1 Julho 2019, 11:00

Corpo Docente

Francisco Saraiva de Melo



José Alberto Rodrigues Pereira Sardinha

Ramona Merhej