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Registering for the exam

8 Janeiro 2021, 11:17 Luís Eduardo Teixeira Rodrigues

Registrations for the exam start today at 12:00 and will be open till January 14th, 23:59.

The exam will be presencial. 

To save trees, the number of printed copies will depend on the registrations. Students that do not register may be prevented from performing the exam.

Students in quarantine or with other constraints that prevent them from attending MUST obtain, PRIOR to the exam,  an authorisation from IST to perform the evaluation remotely.  Only students that appear in Fenix with prior authorisation will be allowed to perform a remote evaluation.

If you have been authorised to perform the evaluation remotely, please send me an email. The remote evaluation will consist of a written exam, done at the same time of the presencial exam, AND an oral exam performed via zoom at a later date.

Preparing for the exam

15 Dezembro 2020, 17:19

Rooms for DAD Project Discussions

11 Dezembro 2020, 01:04

Project Demos and Discussion Schedule

7 Dezembro 2020, 01:01

Project report template available

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