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Grades after the 2nd Exam

4 fevereiro 2021, 18:18 Luís Eduardo Teixeira Rodrigues

2021-02-04: The grades after the 2nd exam and before "revisão de provas" are available here: dad-2021-after-2nd-exam-before-rp.pdf. The listing with the grades has no official value and  may still contain errors. Please double-check if the information in the listing is correct.  Let me know of any errors asap.  Due to the covid restriction, it will be impossible to do the "revisão de provas"as usual. If you believe there was a mistake when grading your exam, I can meet via zoom to answer your questions (please send me an email). 

2nd exam

3 fevereiro 2021, 10:09

Instructions for the 2nd exam

29 janeiro 2021, 12:32

Registration for the 2nd exam

22 janeiro 2021, 19:08

Grades for the 1st exam

22 janeiro 2021, 18:51

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