The Small DAD Guide

A small guide to the topics covered in the Theory classes.

Additional Material

Some additional material, in case you would like to learn more about some specific topics.


I am  making available the slides that have been used during 2017-2018 by Prof. Paolo Romano. Actually, these slides are a revised version of slides prepared earlier by professors Paulo Ferreira and Luis Veiga for PADI.  This slides have been prepared for the course before re-structuring. You will find some discrepancies between the order by which some concepts are presented in the slides and the schedule and content of the classes taught this year.
Note that each professor has its own style and a different perspective of which is the best sequence to introduce concepts. Also, the interaction with students during the class, and the questions raised during the lectures, may lead to slight variations in the order and/or emphasis of some topics. Finally, every year we try to improve the course, and this requires us to perform changes to the order and depth of coverage of some materials.  

Sample Exams

To check what kind of questions can appear in an exam, take a look at the examples below. Note that the content of the course changes with time. Old exams can cover topics not addressed this year. This year we can ask new questions.