Métodos de Avaliação

"Época Normal"

Each student is required to perform the following tasks, denoted by symbols  ETA, and  P
  • E:  An exam
  • T: To make a presentation of a paper, in a group of 3 elements 
  • A: To attend the presentations of other groups (up to 6 presentations)
  • P:  A practical project, in a group of 3 elements

The final grade depends on the grades on each of these individual components and is given by the formula: 

Final Grade = E*0.4+T*0.1+A*0.05+P*0.45

With the following constraints on the grades of individual components: 
  • E >= 9.5
  • P >= 9.5

The grade of the project P, results of the following steps 
  • An intermediate checkpoint where the students show their progress (C)
  • Delivery of the final project  and discussion (D)
and is given by: 

Project grade  = MAX (D, (0.15 C+ 0.85 D))

In addition, the rules contemplate the following exceptions:
  • Students that have been recognised the status of "Trabalhador Estudante" can opt to not use component A and have, instead, the weight of component P to be 0.5. 
  • Students that have been graded for components TA or P during 2020/2021 can re-use the grades obtained last year. 

"Época especial"

Students that are evaluated under the "Época especial" are only required to do components E and P with: 

Final Grade = E*0.5+P*0.5

Students that have executed the project during the trimester are only required to the the exam in "Época especial". Students the have not executed the project, will be required to execute a different project during "Época especial".