Exam & Test Strcuture

10 Janeiro 2019, 12:40 Henrique Anibal Santos de Matos

The Exam has two parts with four modules (A,B,C,D) with 5 points each

.Part I - All the subjects from Prof. Henrique Matos classes (Module A & B)            
 Each module could include questions related to  one or two problems solved in classes.
Part II - All the subjects from Prof. Pedro Castro classes (Module C & D)
 Duration : 3h 

The Test ( for students that will deliver the project until January,21) is created by the student choosing one module from part I and one module from part II.
Duration : 1h 30 min
All students must enroll for exam or test in fenix OP webpage until January, 17.

The exam will be at 9 am at LTI (5th floor) room 5 .
Is an open book exam/test.