Dashboard updated with ALL grades

9 Junho 2020, 21:31 José Borbinha

The dashboard is now updated with ALL the grades, comprising:

- Grades of Case Final
- Grades of Project
- Grades of Weekly Cases that were still missing

NOTE: For the individual project grades it was considered the information provided by the students in the individual feedback

According to our records in this moment all pending issues had been addressed.
Should it be necessary to provide any explanation or review any detail, please send an email to with subject "[GSI]"

Case FINAL - correct template...

21 Maio 2020, 16:09 José Borbinha

Please be aware the initial template had a glitch in the structure of the tables in Q2. 

Use the correct one (this link also was updated in the previous post):

Case FINAL - Template is published!!!

21 Maio 2020, 15:18 José Borbinha

The questions and template to answer for the assignment "Case FINAL" is published in Fenix the respective section; this is the direct link:

Fenix is open for upload of the answers until 18:30.

PLEASE upload a strict 4 pages PDF file, with your name and number at the top of each page, and the answer to each question in ONE PAGE!!!

Good luck!!!


14 Maio 2020, 20:39 José Borbinha

The individual final case will be made during the 3 hours of the class of 21st May 2020, starting at 15:30 and finishing at 18:30

The subjects of this case will be all the contents of the course, having as reference the contents of the previous 9 weekly cases that are in this section

An extra text specific for analysis for this case his published in Fenix (section "Weekly Cases > FINAL"), which the students are motivated to read and analyse ahead (focus on the main document, with no need to analyse the examples in appendixes).
Students are suggested to analyse this document according to the main concepts discussed in the course, including the eventual relations with the COBIT 2019 framework (here, specially in relation to the COBIT 2019 processes) 

In the 21st of May, a template with questions will be published in Fenix at precisely 15:30 
The submission of the answers in Fenix will be open until the 18:30  
The submission must consist in a PDF file of 4 pages (very importante: please be sure that you edit your student number and name in each of the four pages
Students will be asked to make 2 concept maps, so please also be prepared for that (we strongly recommend to use the CmapTools for that purpose:

Case I is ready for review!

10 Maio 2020, 13:16 José Borbinha

The Case I reports are ready for review!!!