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Project Assignment 1 grades published

1 Maio 2019, 10:41 Carlos Mendes

The grades for the project assignment 1 were published.

You can access your reports with some feedback here: 


There is also a PDF with the detailed grades here:

Globally, the projects are good. A few remarks:
  • Missing conclusion. The main goal of the assignment 1 was to rank priorities for governance and management objectives that the companies in the studied industry should follow, but no group presented a simple conclusion with this.
  • Most of the groups followed the guidelines to rank the topics in the design factors, but some did not. These are the main comments in the reports, check the link bellow.
Remember the rules for the assignment 2 of the project that were already published here:

I'll be at the lecture room before and after the class to take any doubt that you may have regarding the project. 
Additionally, next week class (9th of May) will be exclusively about the project.

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