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Class 28th February - seminary background...

25 Fevereiro 2019, 12:38 José Borbinha

Next class will include a seminar (by Bruno Horta Soares, the president of the Lisbon Chapter of the international organisation ISACA.
The focus will be on the role of ISACA as a reference international professional organisation focused on IT governance, and in special the role of the COBIT framework on that.
In order to prepare yourself for that, please explore the ISACA web site in general, and in special the resources about COBIT, (e.g., the COBIT 5 Student Book a - see our section "Resources"...), and make a fast web search for what is being discussed about COBIT 2019...

Please also check the ISACA Student Membership information from the ISACA web site!!!


20 Fevereiro 2019, 16:51

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