Case A grades are published

5 Março 2019, 12:54 José Borbinha

Final grades can be seen in the dashboard.

In the Case A section there are the detailed grades, plus all the delivered cases (big PDF file...)

General comments and clues for the future (ask in class if relevant...):
- Try to always make cmaps "as webs" relating in a relevant way all the related concepts (e.g., a map with parallel long branches, with no crossed relations, can be a sign of an incomplete or still poor analysis...).
- When asked to describe a cmap as a text, try to use that to clarify details in the cmap that you suspect might not be objective to a reader...
- When asked to provide a link for an on-line resource, please always also provide in the PDF the minimal bibliographic data (title, author, ...), so a reader can understand what it is with no need to click in the link...
- When asked to provide extra resources or suggestions for issues to discuss in class, PLEASE try to make suggestions relevant for our course considering what you are learning (and explain why, avoiding to rely on simple "common sense" for that...)
- and... ALWAYS MAKE COMPLETE SENTENCES (either you write it in Portuguese or English, grammar must apply accordingly...)