IDC Award

1 Agosto 2019, 16:55 José Borbinha

We are glad to announce that we reached a consensus to prize with the "IDC Award" the report of the group:
C - Electric, Gas, and Water

It also was decided to give an Honorable Mention to the following to groups:
B - Communication Service Provider
I - Value-based Health

Please be aware that for this it only was considered the final report of each group (thus, the criteria were not the same as for the course grades, which reflected the continuous work done by each student or subgroup along the semester). This decision was taken by a panel of the professors of the course and experts from IDC and the Lisbon Chapter of ISACA.
We will now contact individually the students members of the groups...

And with this announcement, we close this course!
It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to interact this semester with this great class... All the best for everyone!!!

PS: we are sorry for communicating this so late, but it was difficult to coordinate all the participants for this particular assessment...

not yet the end...

17 Junho 2019, 15:11 José Borbinha

Grades are all signed, so officially, we are done!

However, we are still having an "after hours" issue with the IDC award, which suddenly became more complex as the ISACA Lisbon Chapter also became aware and interested in your reports... We hope we can come back with news about this at any time...
... a suivre... 

Publicação de Notas

6 Junho 2019, 07:56 José Borbinha

Final grades

Publicação de Notas

6 Junho 2019, 07:55 José Borbinha

Final grades

All grades are published !!!

3 Junho 2019, 20:32 José Borbinha

The grades are all published in the dashboard (last column shown the final grade in the scale 0..20).

The grades of the Final Case are published in a PDF file in the respective section in Fenix

Please contact the academia by email in the next 48h in case of need of correct any error or clarifying any detail!!!
When doing that, PLEASE always identify yourself by your student's number!

Note to the final grades: We had 8 weekly cases, 2 of them individual. As several students complained that they were forced to under-perform when these case had to be made in group, we decided to calculate the average grade of that component this way:
- Avg1 = average calculated considering only the 8 grades
- Avg2 = average calculated considering 10 grades, where the grades of the 2 individual cases where counted in double
- Avg = the grade used in the general formula was then the highest of Avg1 and Avg2.