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Special Season Assessment

25 Julho 2022, 16:15 José Borbinha

The deadline for the Special Season assessment is the 2nd September 2022.

The assessment will comprise in the delivery, to be send by email to the coordinator of the course (jose.borbinha@tecnico.ulisboa.pt), of the the essay "8-Special Season" (click here to go to its section here in Fenix).

Please be aware that this deliverable must comprise a PDF file and an Excel file (make a compressed zip file with these two files, to attach to the email for delivery).

Publicação de Notas

18 Julho 2022, 19:27

End of Business: All grades are published!!!

12 Julho 2022, 17:46

Dashboard updated (only TE grades are still missing)

12 Julho 2022, 13:21

Final Essay - if you had delivered it, please check the dashboard...

1 Julho 2022, 13:46

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José Borbinha



Carolina Carreira

Diogo Alexandre Breites de Campos Proença

José Brás

Paulo Guedes