Erasmus Students Information

16 Fevereiro 2016, 19:19 António Manuel Álvares Serrão Maurício

Good day, dear students:

1- I would like to let you know that, all Erasmus students classes (Theoretical and Practical) will be lectured in english, at classrooms VA1 -4:00-6:00pm; V1.09 - 6:00-7:30 pm, respectivelly.

2- In order for published  Erasmus student anouncements to be seen, go to  the discipline page,  as below:
Obras Geotécnicas pt       or   Geotechnical Works   en                                
and then go to the section  Erasmus Students I,  subsection Geological Cartography

3-Material for the 1st practical  class
Students should bring to class what is in the files "corte_1ªaula_folha1"; "corte_1ªaula_folha2" and "geological time table".

4- School questions:       Prof. António Maurício            Tuesday 11:00-13:00 room 3.23      Pav. de Minas

Best regards