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Erasmus students- Information

6 Março 2015, 13:19 António Manuel Álvares Serrão Maurício

Dear students, good day:

i) - Engineering Geology complementary information to the classroom lectures is available as a pdf file EngGeol-Vallejo-Ferrer -2015-1a.pdf at ERASMUS-Section-> Eng Geol site investigation-subsection,

regarding:    1-      Planning and designing site investigations; 2- Preliminary investigations; 3- Engineering Geophysics- indirect methods; 4- Boreholes, trial pits, trenches and sampling-direct methods.

ii)  - An  extra doubts class to end the introduction to electrical resistivity method is suggested to complete what was started in the last theoretical class.

Best regards

Material para a aula teórica de sexta feira, dia 6 de Março

4 Março 2015, 09:51

Erasmus students- Necessary material to practical class - - week 2 - 6th of March

2 Março 2015, 17:47

Material necessario aula pratica semana 2 a 6 de março

1 Março 2015, 16:59

Erasmus students

26 Fevereiro 2015, 12:55

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