Presentation: Extra Class 15th November 9h-12h room 4:26

Papers available

1- Embankment reinforced rigid inclusions.pdf  - Chosen by student 80921
2- Full-scale experimental study of an Embankment.pdf  - Chosen by student 81249  

3- Lightweight Fills for Road Embankments.pdf - Chosen by student 94974   
4-Compaction effect on behavior granular materials.pdf     
5- Rainfall faillure.pdf - Chosen by student 83974   
7- Observed Field Behaviour of Soft Clay Due to Embankment Loading.pdf
8- FlyAsh embankment in India.pdf - Chosen by student 79746
9 - back analysis staged failure embankment.pdf - Chosen by student 93907
11-A-Numerical-Study-on-the-Critical-Height-of-Embankments-Sup_2016_Procedia-En.pdf  - Chosen by student 83874

12 - geogrid-reinforced-railways-embankments.pdf  - Chosen by student 94909  
14 - marls treat lime.pdf - Chosen by student 83869 
15-Clay foundation response Sunshine.pdf     
18-Rainfall-induced collapse.pdf  - Chosen by student 94872
19-Ground-Improvement-for-a-High-Speed-Railway-Near-Madri_2016_Procedia-Enginee.pdf - Chosen by student 70989

20-Settlements Pesnica High Embankment.pdf

Each student will present only one paper. The papers cannot be repeated.
The student will choose three favorite papers by number and will contact the Professor by e-mail until Thursday 24/10 at 13h, saying the preference order.
If two or more students choose the same paper, it will given to the one choosing it first (using the date and hour of the e-mail).

Content of the first work

The 1st work is individual and consists on the oral presentation of a scientific paper, preferentially in English. The paper to be presented will be chosen by the student  among several papers selected by the Professor and available here. The student may propose other paper but it must be validated by the Professor.

The presentation will be of 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions made by the Professor and colleagues. Should have the following information:

- General description of the case-study; problem; topic of the paper. Why is it worth to investigate

- Description of the procedures followed to study or solve the problem and why they were adopted;
- Presentation of the results
- Conclusions
. Comments on the solution adopted based on past knowledge and on knowledge earned in the course.

In case of incomplete information in the papers, the student must find it elsewhere (starting by the references).

It is expected engineering thinking from the students when presenting and commenting the solution proposed and the results. It is not expected the presentation of alternative solutions.