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Project written reports, by

26 Dezembro 2016, 19:42 Patrícia Margarida Piedade Figueiredo

A template for Project written report is available on this website. 

The report should be written in English, and it should not exceed a maximum of 4.000 words.

The PDF of the report should be sent to patricia.figueiredo@tecnico.ulisboa.pt, by 27th January 2017.

Project oral presentations, Wednesday 14/12, 14-17h, in room P9

5 Dezembro 2016, 15:46

Project Questions Class this Wednesday, 7/12, in room QLTI

5 Dezembro 2016, 12:16

Class this Wednesday, 23/11, in room QLTI

22 Novembro 2016, 10:05

Classes this week, 16/11 and 18/11, in room QLTI

14 Novembro 2016, 12:50

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Patrícia Margarida Piedade Figueiredo