sHW discussions

10 Dezembro 2013, 18:00 Joao Pedro Estrela Rodrigues Conde

João Mateus, Rita Fernandes, Ana Castanheiro

 Antibacterial Gloves Using Nanopatterned Smart Polymer Surfaces

José Rodrigues, Nicole Rodrigues, Diana Cunha

LoC detection of PCA3 – a prostate cancer biomarker

Cláudia Cordeiro, Diana Fernandes, Luca Bronzato

LOTUS, a self-cleaning drug eluting coronary Stent

Ana Faria, Diana Marques, Carlos Rodrigues

Point-of-care test for rabbit hemorrhagic disease

Joana Dias Santos, Ana Margarida Teixeira

Harvesting energy at the nano-scale from body movements using piezoelectric materials