week 10 classes

14 Novembro 2010, 11:22 Joao Pedro Estrela Rodrigues Conde

The slides of A14 and A15 (Nano-to-Bio/Biochips/DNA chips, protein chips, and cell chips) are available in this site.

A2 presentations are scheduled to take place on the week of December 6. The students can form  groups of 1 (15 min=10 min presentation max. + discussion), 2 (20 min=12 min presentation max. + discussion) or 3 (25 min=15 min presentation max. + discussion)

Document to be presented: Power-Point presentation (or similar)

HW7+8 (available in the site) will serve to form the groups and present an abstract of the proposal for A2. Note the strict deadline: wednesday, November 24, 2010.
Objective of A2: identification of a scientific/technological problem in which Nanotech/Nanobiotech can be used as a potential solution. Emphasis will be placed on the problem description and current state-of-the-art, followed by the proposal and support of an original solution using Nanotech/Nanobiotech.