weeks of April 7 and April 14

1 Abril 2014, 16:08 Joao Pedro Estrela Rodrigues Conde

Classes A11 and A12 and HW6 are now available in this page. 


HW6 is due on sunday April 27.

P1 will take place during the classes of the week of April 7. Instructions regarding P1 can be found in the page and in the slides of classes A9 and A10. 

Office hours this week: after AFM demo on friday morning, and from 14 to 16h on friday afternoon (April 4).

On friday April 4 we will have a demonstration of AFM (atomic force microscope). We will meet at 9h55 at the door of the Math/Physics building at IST. This demonstration will replace the class of tuesday, April 15.


On the week of April 14 on monday April 14 we will have our class (A12) at 13h30 as usual. There will be no class on tuesday, April 15.