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Contactos Prof. Luís Lavoura

1 Março 2021, 14:12 Jorge Manuel Rodrigues Crispim Romão

Dear SMNP students,

you may contact me whenever you want through email


or by telephone (+351) 218 419 578. If any of you ever wants to have a zoom session with me to clarify any doubts, (s)he may also do it. Finally, if you are in Lisbon, you may visit me at my office (5th floor of the Physics Building) on any workday.

Please never use the email luis.lavoura@tecnico.ulisboa.pt to contact me, because I hardly ever look at that email. 

Luís Lavoura

Métodos de Avaliação

25 Fevereiro 2021, 17:23

Corpo Docente

Luís Manuel Balio Lavoura


Jorge Manuel Rodrigues Crispim Romão