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MNN - 2nd test - Friday, January 22nd at 15:00

20 Janeiro 2021, 10:01 José Paulo Sequeira Farinha

MNN test on Friday, January 22nd at 15:00 (room Q4.6)

Registration to take the test is compulsory. Register at the following link before Wednesday, January 20th, at 24:00:

For the test next Friday, please be outside room Q4.6 (South Tower) 10 minutes before the hour.
Wait outside the room keeping adequate distancing until you are called in.

You should bring a calculator (scientific, NOT graphical), pen, exam paper (or other A4 paper). Keep your phone, smart watch, etc, disconnected during the test. The test will be 1h30 and have 4 groups of questions (which you can choose from the 5 groups offered). You should justify all your answers very succinctly (maximum 1 page/group) and use schemes whenever appropriate.
Keep in mind that you can only leave the room at the end of the test

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