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Assessment – key dates

3 Janeiro 2022, 13:23 Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira

Please notice that the ME exam dates have been changed: the 1st exam was rescheduled for February 12th and the 2nd exam for February 24th.

The 2nd presentation of the project work (and submission of part 2 of the report) is rescheduled for the class on January 17th and the final presentation (on part 3) and due date for submitting the final report are also rescheduled to February 14th.

We would recommend that students take advantage of this week without classes to major progresses in the project work. For this purpose, we will be available this week to discuss these matters and to provide support and guidance – send an e-mail to your designated supervisor to schedule Colibri/Zoom sessions.

We wish you all a splendid 2022!

Rui Oliveira

Change of schedule of the 1st presentations of the ME project work

12 Novembro 2021, 10:55

1st presentation of the project work - November 15th, 15:30

9 Novembro 2021, 13:00

Online class on use of SPSS

2 Novembro 2021, 22:47

Online class on Goodness-of-fit test (Recording, Excel file)

29 Outubro 2021, 22:30

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Rui Manuel Moura de Carvalho Oliveira



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