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Laboratory Classes

17 Setembro 2019, 10:11 João Filipe Pereira Fernandes

In next week starts the laboratory classes.

The first two laboratories are divided in part A and B, starting with part A next week.
The guide and software FEMM for part A can be found in the "Laboratory" section.
There is also a video guide for part A online! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRLZGSutghw (Please watch it as preparation of this first laboratory!)

CORRECTION TO FOLLOW WHAT OUR "FRIEND" FENIX DID TO US: How Electrical Machines problems classes will work?

13 Setembro 2019, 16:50

How Electrical Machines laboratories will work?

12 Setembro 2019, 16:38

Registration deadlines for your laboratory shift in Electrical Machines

7 Setembro 2019, 17:55

(Now open) Problems Classes - Registration needed

5 Setembro 2019, 21:45

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João Filipe Pereira Fernandes