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Mec Comp recovery test subscription + marks/review from the test1 and work1

13 Janeiro 2021, 11:58 Miguel Neves

(previously sent by email)

The students that need to do the recovery test (at 15/01/2021,18:30-20:00 room EA4, but check at fénix) need to do his/her subscription for the test at fénix up to 14jan  (in case of dificulty, informe me by email).

Marks from the Test1 10Dec2020 and Work1 are already available at item Assignment1_ of the UC's webpage in the fénix. Work2 still be in evaluation and soon will be also available.
Review of the answers and marks will be done in presencial mode. Official Review of Exam and 1st work is due on Wednesday 13jan at 4pm (office room 2.42 Pav. Mec. II). I will be at office room 2.42 Pav. Mec. II  this Monday 11jan 3pm-5pm  (available for exam and work's review if you need to).   

Support for work2

22 Dezembro 2020, 02:35

This week 14Dec 9h40

13 Dezembro 2020, 18:04

Test on Thursday 10Dec 19:00

9 Dezembro 2020, 11:53

Test on Thursday 10Dec 19:00

9 Dezembro 2020, 11:31

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