Marks and last revision on 18Feb 15h00 online

15 Fevereiro 2021, 19:20 Miguel Neves

The marks for the Assignment 2 (Work2) as well as the final one are available in the item "Assignment2_deadline3Jan" of fenix webpage of this course.

Check if your final mark is correct (Marks Nfinal=0.5*(Test1 or Repesc)+0.25*Work1+ 0.25*Work2) and if not contact me quickly about it (email upto 18Feb or attend the revision 18Feb 15h online).

The students who need to do a revision of the Assignment 2 (Work2) or "Repescagem" can do it this Thursday 18Feb 15h00 (3pm). Any other situation must contact me if possible previously to indicate their request.

After it, the marks will be submitted to the IST graduation office (prevision: 19Feb2021).