8 Janeiro 2018, 11:13 Marcos Duarte Mateus

First of all, wish you all a very good 2018.

Considering the amount of work and exams you had until the end of the year, and all that is still to come, I have decided to make a change to the evaluation of the discipline. There's no longer a final work on the MOHID system. My colleagues responsible for teaching you how to install and use MOHID have reported that most of you attended the classes, which means that most of you have, in fact, learned something useful and expanded your technical repertoire. 

I don't really believe that making the final work would mean any gain in knowledge right now, so I'll just skip it.

So, all of you that still have the recup test to perform, please drop by my office or, if it's impossible, let me know and I will send the link by email. And please consider the end of this week as a potential deadline for delivering the mid-term assignment.

Finally, the grading will now be 50% for the mini-tests and 50% for the mid-term assignment. 

I will assume that you agree with this change unless I have any feedback denoting otherwise.