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[DSM] - Correct Zoom Link Revision of grades Special Season Exam

30 julho 2021, 12:37 Edgar Mascarenhas

Dear all, 

There was a typo in the Zoom link for the revision of grades session (Special Season Exam). 
The correct one is the following: 

Link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/99454680787?pwd=Mm1zM0tVcmlCMUZ2TWZEUDliVkJyQT09 
Meeting ID: 994 5468 078
Password: 273299 

The revision of grades session will occur today, 30th July (Friday), at 12h15-13h15 (Lisbon Time). 

Best Regards, 
Edgar Mascarenhas 
on behalf of the DSM lecturing team

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