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Exam 2

19 Janeiro 2021, 23:32 Teresa Cipriano Rodrigues

Dear all, 

The second exam will take place on the 25th of January (Monday, 10h00-12h30 – Exam room V0.08).
The online exam is exceptionally allowed for students with a previous request on the grounds of a justifiable and legitimate reason (and with the support of their course coordinator). 
Students with permission to do online exam should confirm that they will do so to Prof. Teresa Rodrigues until the 20th January. These students will receive specific information later about the online exam. 
 On Wednesday, the 20th of January, between 16:00-17:00, you can consult your exams and other evaluation components as well as clarify any question that you have for exam 2. Zoom link was sent by e-mail. 


6 Janeiro 2021, 14:45

MACBETH methodology

17 Outubro 2020, 14:44

Welcome to the Decision Analysis Models and Applications 2020/2021 course

18 Setembro 2020, 17:52

Corpo Docente

Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira



Teresa Cipriano Rodrigues