Welcome to the Decision Analysis Models and Applications 2020/2021 course

18 Setembro 2020, 17:52 Teresa Cipriano Rodrigues

Dear all,

Welcome to the Decision Analysis Models and Applications 2020/2021 course! This is a kick-off email with some important information about how the course will run.

As you may know, we have foreign students attending the course, and thus materials will be provided in English. Depending on whether foreign students will be attending the lectures, teaching will be taught in Portuguese or in English.

Lectures start next week and will last for 13 weeks. The last week of teaching will be used for your presentations and discussion of groupwork.

The course material will be made available in the webpage https://fenix.tecnico.ulisboa.pt/disciplinas/MAAD-2/2020-2021/1-semestre .
We have now made available in the webpage the general info on the course, regarding: course content, planning of lectures, indicative bibliography for each topic, and evaluation rules. Please note that you need to be registered in Fenix to access the course information.

Most of the lectures are planned to be face-to-face. Announcements will be done in advance on whether the lecture is to be online. In case lectures are online, they will take place via zoom (see general info on the course available on Fenix).

In the course we will go through different models, applications and software tools. With regard to software info, we will tell you in advance when you can bring your personnel computer to class. You may already install the following software package in your PCs/laptop: M-MACBETH software for developing multicriteria models – download the program in http://m-macbeth.com/demo/ (see the password of installation in general info on the course available on Fenix). Later on we will give you information on how to access to the Welphi platform that will be used to implement Delphi processes and Palisade Decision Tools software packages that we will use to model uncertainty and risk (please do not download this software in advance, as you will make an assignment using this software and will need to use the trial version of the software that is only available for you for 15 days; we will tell you when to install the software).

Regarding the reading list, no book covers the whole program. If you think about buying some books in the area, you may consider:

•       Goodwin, P. and G. Wright (2014). Decision Analysis for Management Judgment (5th edition). Chichester, John Wiley.
•       Belton, V., Stewart, T.J. (2001) Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach, Springer.
•       Keeney, R.L. (1992) Value-Focused Thinking: A Path to Creative Decisionmaking, Harvard University Press.
•       Clemen, R. T., Reilly, T. (2014) Making Hard Decisions With Decision Tools Suite Update (3rd edition). Duxbury.

Every week we will send you an email recommending which articles and/or books you should consult. Whenever possible, we will make available the electronic versions in the course webpage.

Please let us know if you have any doubts or need some additional information.

Best regards,

Mónica Oliveira and Teresa Rodrigues