Last instructions — please read them carefully

22 Janeiro 2021, 08:22 Luísa Coheur

About the exam:

  • The exam will be online, in a Zoom session (Google classroom)
  • The exam will be recorded
  • The exam will be divided in 3 parts: multiple-choice tests (part 1) + Season 2 (part 2) + Season 1 and 3 (part 3)
  • We will start every part at the same time, altogether
  • Only one part will be “active” at each instant; when time is up, we move to the next part and cannot return to the previous one(s)
  • The following algorithms will be given (if needed): unification, voting model, MED.
  • In order to be evaluated, you will need to have your camera and micro turned on during the whole evaluation (but you are allowed to disable the sound of your computer). 
  • You can still bring your A5 page with notes, as explained in the previous announcements (A5 page, written on one side, with definitions, formulas, etc.). This is the only external source that you are allowed to use. 
  • During the exam there is no clarification of any doubts. If you detect any error, mark it. If you are right, you will be given the full score for that question.
  • During the exam you should not talk or use the chat.
  • If you are a native Portuguese speaker, please, write your answers in Portuguese!

Find the links to the exam and if you are enrolled in Section Exam 1.