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2nd Exam & Final Grades

31 Janeiro 2020, 14:28 Nuno Mamede

The grades of the first exam are available in section Grades
If you want to check the 2nd exam, you can find us:
  • At INESC-ID, Rua Alves Redol 9, 2nd floor, room 232, Monday, 3rd February, from 17h to 17h30. 
  • At Taguspark, Room 2N11.23, Tuesday, 4th February, from 8h to 8h30

Please confirm, in Fenix, that the final grade is correct. These grades will be official and not possible to change after 6/February.
Please contact the faculty if you think that that your grade is incorrect.

To contact the faculty, whatever the subject, you should use the following address: meic-ln@disciplinas.tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Publication of final grades after 1st exam

21 Janeiro 2020, 18:08

1st Exam

17 Janeiro 2020, 11:32

LN escape game + exam

14 Janeiro 2020, 13:34

Office hours -- Tagus

10 Janeiro 2020, 17:15

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