Observational astronomy: measures, telescopes and detectors.

15 Outubro 2019, 14:00 Santiago González Gaitán

Measures in astronomy: distance, luminosity and apparent brightness, magnitudes, colors

Telescopes: reflectors and refractors, angular resolution, light-gathering power, magnification, mounts...
Detectors: CCDs, pixels, QE, linearity, gain, readout, signal-to-noise, exposure time calculators...
Proposal: writing an observing proposal

Observational Astronomy: Coordinate and time systems

14 Outubro 2019, 17:00 Santiago González Gaitán

Introduction of the module on Observational Astronomy: syllabus, evaluation, observing sessions. 

Coordinate systems: a) Altitude-azimuth, b) RA, DEC and c) Galactic coordinates.
Time systems: a) Civil time, b) UT time, c) Julian dates and d) Sidereal time
Preparing an observation: visibilities, planetarium. 

Lecture (Theory) 3

30 Setembro 2019, 17:00 Ilídio Lopes

Introduction to the theory of stellar oscillations: basic equations of hydrodynamics. Some observational results. 

Lecture (Laboratory) 2

24 Setembro 2019, 14:00 Ilídio Lopes

Presentation of the research project:  “Lab Astro: Data Analysis Article (5 pages)"

Lecture (Theory) 2

23 Setembro 2019, 17:00 Ilídio Lopes

Introduction to Stellar Oscillations.