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26 Janeiro 2020, 10:31 Pedro Urbano Lima

The marks/grades of MP2 and 3 have been sent, together with the reviewed reports, by email to the groups. Final marks/grades are available in the Notas/Marks subpage of the course web page. If you have any question about the grades, send it to pedro.lima@tecnico.ulisboa.pt until the end of Tuesday Jan 28. If needed, a session to discuss the min project reviews will be set soon.

Alterações ao plano das aulas de Laboratório e Projetos

21 Setembro 2019, 09:33

Aulas de Lab das duas primeiras semanas

4 Setembro 2019, 18:21

Início das aulas

1 Setembro 2019, 19:33

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Pedro Urbano Lima