Final project presentation date/time

19 Outubro 2017, 21:44 Bruno Miguel Soares Gonçalves

The doodle for the choice of the Introduction to Research project presentation date/time is here

Colloquia of the Physics Department - Program

7 Setembro 2017, 12:27 Maria Teresa de la Peña Stadler

Each colloquium will be part of one of the following cycles:

  1. The end of Nature
  2. Trends and frontiers in Physics
  3. Physics at the core of Technology
  4. Paths and ways for a graduate in Physics
The first Colloquium takes place on Wednesday, September 20.
The program of the Colloquia series of this semester is published in section Program of Colloquia .

Only students that attend more than 50% of the Colloquia can pass this course.
The attendance of the Colloquia grants points in the final grade that are proportional to the number of Colloquia that the student attended. 2 points correspond to 100% attendance.