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"Spontaneous and directed-assembly of polymers from the molecular to macroscales

Speaker: João T. Cabral

Abstract: "As the "discovery" of macromolecules turns 100, this lecture will review some fundamental concepts of chain conformation, thermodynamics, phase transitions, and directional solidification (e.g. drying) that are central in polymer physics. Based on ideas of wave-propagation and network formation, I will discuss the design and fabrication of functional, sustainable (or "green") polymeric materials of various classes. These include ubiquitous capsules and particles fabricated by spray drying, which we examine in acoustic levitation and in microfluidics; nano- and microparticles with prescribed external and internal morphology and thus function are demonstrated, with extensive application in consumer goods and pharma industries. In a related approach, we describe fundamental aspects of 3D printing by photo-polymerisation, and how the emergence of travelling fronts and instabilities can give rise to a plethora of fascinating topographies, including some with uses as photonic and anti-microbial skins. Overall, we seek to emphasise that soft matter physics at the interface of chemistry and engineering can be both scientifically challenging and societally impactful." (Presentation Slides)

Short Bio: "João Cabral obtained his first degree in Physics Engineering (IST Lisbon), followed by a stay at the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (Saclay, France) and PhD in polymer thermodynamics at Imperial College London (ICL). After a postdoc at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Maryland, USA, he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial as a lecturer, becoming full professor in 2018. He has been a visiting professor at Fudan University (Shanghai) and at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago. He serves on the advisory board of several international neutron scattering facilities, and is Hon. Secretary to the Polymer Physics group of the Institute of Physics (UK). João holds a Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) Research Chair and leads an interdisciplinary research group focusing on designing sustainable and functional soft materials, with applications in membranes for water treatment, solar cells and photonics, anti-bacterial/viral technologies, and complex formulations for commodity products."

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