2nd Exam - registration, rooms occupancy and Q/A slots

20 Janeiro 2020, 14:31 Luís Manuel Marques Custódio

The registration period for the 2nd exam starts today at 16h and ends Monday (27/01/2020, 12h). Registration is mandatory. Don't forget to register...
The rooms should be occupied in the following order: EA2, EA1, E4, E3, E2, and E1. Only after room EA2 being full, you may go to EA1, and so on for the others. 
The Q/A slots (aulas de dúvidas) for the 2nd exam are Monday, 27/01/2020, 15h, and Tuesday 28/01/2020, 15h, all in room 5.15 (north tower).

Luis Custódio