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Grades Posted

23 Novembro 2020, 20:24 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

The grades for Project 2 and Quiz 3 are now posted.

The correction of the first question of Quiz 3 was manually revised because the automated system did not consider a correct alternative solution. Never-the-less, if you detect any other problem, feel free to contact me.

Quiz grade recovery

19 Novembro 2020, 15:32

Laboratory 7 Guide is now available

19 Novembro 2020, 15:16

Lab 6 Guide and Project 3 materials are now available

18 Novembro 2020, 11:03

Get in the Game Webinar from Grads in Games is this week!

11 Novembro 2020, 14:43

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Joao Emilio Segurado Pavao Martins



Manuel Castro Guerra Moreira Guimarães

Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos