3rd IAJ Project - Decision Making and MCTS

The third project of the IAJ Course will consist on the work performed for Lab 5, 6 and 7, plus a small number of extra requirements that will be described next (we will call them Secret Levels). For this second project, you will need to write a report up to 5 pages, explaining and justifying the decisions made by your group in terms of implementation, describing performance tests performed and corresponding analysis. Explain the rationale and describe the heuristics used. Additionally, you should also include any analysis and discussions made for the requirements in Lab 5 6, 7.

You should submit a zip file with both Unity source code and with the report (a pdf/doc file) via Fenix, until 23:59 of November 25th. We will accept submissions after the deadline, but with a 0.5 value penalty for each hour after the deadline.