Course Planning until the end of the Semester

5 Dezembro 2019, 10:50 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

To incorporate some unforeseen meetings and to give you a better new year celebration, there have been some adjustments to the course plan:

So, the new plan is:

Tuesday, Dec 10th: Lecture on Deep Learning
Wednesday, Dec 11th: Lecture on Deep Reinforcement Learning (Prof. João Dias)

Tuesday, Dec 17th: Lecture on Procedural Content Generation
Wednesday, Dec 18th: Course Conclusion, Quiz

New date for Project 4 Delivery: Jan 10th

From Jan 6th to 9th we will be available for project support meetings.

P.S.: The updated grades (with Quiz 3 and Project 3) are now published

Project 4 and Quiz 4

28 Novembro 2019, 09:23 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

Project 4 options are available on the page, please bring your idea to discuss next week.

Quiz 4 will be on December 11th

Project 3 Discussions

25 Novembro 2019, 10:44 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

This week there will be a regular lecture on Tuesday, where I will present and discuss the proposals for Project 4.

Proj 3 Discussions will take place according to the following schedule:


Wednesday, November 27th, 0.14
15h00: Group 8
15h30: Group 10
16h00: Group 11
16h30: Group 14
17h00: Group 17
17h30: Group 19
18h00: Group 25
18h30: Group 26
19h00: Group 6


Thursday, November 28th, Lab6
14h00: Group 3
14h25: Group 4
14h50: Group 5
15h15: Group 9
15h40: Group 13
16h05: Group 15
16h30: Group 1
16h55: Group 2
17h20: Group 12
17h45: Group 20
18h10: Group 21
18h35: Group 16
19h00: Group 18

If your group has any problems with the schedule, please contact Manuel

Lab 7 and Project 3

16 Novembro 2019, 18:46 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

The Lab 7 Guide and Project 3 Objectives are now available.

Lab 6 Material and Project 2 Grades

8 Novembro 2019, 18:21 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

Lab 6 Material and Project 2 Grades are now available in the respective sections.