Publicação de Notas

12 Fevereiro 2020, 15:41 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

The Final Grades are now available

4th Project and Final Grades

30 Janeiro 2020, 18:27 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

The 4th project grades are posted, together with the Final Grade.

If something is not right, or you would like more information about the grade your group received, feel free to contact us until Tuesday. After that, the Grades will be considered definitive.

Project 4 Discussions

17 Janeiro 2020, 15:59 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

Proj 4 Discussions will take place according to the following schedule:
Note that the deadline is 23h59 on January 20, with a penalty of 1/20 for each hour past the deadline.


Wednesday, January 22th, Lab 6
9h00: Group 4
9h25: Group 18
9h50: Group 21
10h15: Group 1
10h40: Group 15
11h05: Group 20 - DST
11h30: Group 16
11h55: Group 13

Friday, January 24th, Lab6
14h00: Group 2
14h25: Group 3
14h50: Group 5
15h15: Group 9
15h40: Group 12
16h05: Group 20 - ML agents


Thursday 23rd, 0.14
13h30: Group 8
13h55: Group 10
14h20: Group 11
14h45: Group 14
15h10: Group 17
15H35: Group 19
16h00: Group 25
16h25: Group 6

4th Project Support

7 Janeiro 2020, 14:27 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos


I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays. We will have support Lab classes for the 4th project Thursday in Alameda and Friday in Taguspark for this and next week. So,

Alameda: Thursday, 9th and 16th, from 13h to 17h ( Lab 6)

Taguspark: Friday, 10th, and 17th, from 10h to 13h (0 - 14)

Even if you have no questions, it will be a good opportunity to check with us if your group is on the right path.

4th Project Delivery Date

30 Dezembro 2019, 20:29 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

As was discussed in the class, I proposed to the Course Coordination the end of January for the 4th Project delivery date. 

But due to calendar issues regarding evaluation periods, the Coordination just accepted January 20th as the last possible date.

The Pedagogical Council communicated their acceptance. Thus 

4th Project Delivery Date: January 20th

Have a Happy New Year, and we will see you in January.