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Lecture and Quiz Tomorrow

10 Novembro 2021, 19:12 Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

Tomorrow we will have our last Lecture at 17:00, that will be in the Video Conference room (0.19 in Tagus, the same as usual in Alameda), so that we can all talk a bit about your thoughts and opinion on how can we improve the course.

That will be followed by the Quiz. The Subjects are Learning and Deep Learning, and a general question.

Project 3 Guides have been published

8 Novembro 2021, 12:57

Lecture 10 material is now available

4 Novembro 2021, 11:29

Lecture 9 Material is now available

2 Novembro 2021, 12:16

Project 2 Discussion Schedule

1 Novembro 2021, 18:35

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