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No Theoretical class today, but Laboratory will take place as usual

28 Novembro 2018, 09:40 João Miguel Dias

Dear Students,

I will have to attend a scholarship program at Gulbenkian today (Programa Novos Talentos em Inteligência Artificial). Due to this reason there is no theoretical lesson today.

Nevertheless, the laboratory class will take place at the regular time. It's very important for all to attend so that we look at any problems you might have with the 3rd Project.

There was also a question yesterday about the Expand method in the BiasedPlayout. I've been looking at it, and you don't really need to implement this method.

In my initial implementation of BiasedPlayout I was using this method inside the playout to generate child nodes, but then I stopped using it because I'm no longer generating all child nodes (in the playout). 

Project 3 Deadline is now December 3

23 Novembro 2018, 11:51

No Laboratory classes today

22 Novembro 2018, 14:40

No classes today and other important announcements

21 Novembro 2018, 11:08

No theoretical class today

20 Novembro 2018, 10:16

Corpo Docente

João Miguel Dias