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3rd Presentation – Proposed solution(s)

29 Abril 2015, 16:22 Margarida Barata Monteiro

Dear students,

To a clear presentation of the proposed solution(s) we ask for each group expose in your presentation:

  •  The problem identification, drivers, causes and effects (máx 2 slides)
  • Proposed solution(s)
    • Solution(s) design
    • Solution(s) vs. learning objectives and learning issues;
    • Comparative assessment between alternative solutions (including, but not limited to, the ‘do nothing’ alternative).

 Each group will have 10 minutes to present followed by 10 minutes of discussion. All the elements of the groups must participate in the presentation.

Good work and see you on May 5.

Margarida Monteiro


29 Abril 2015, 16:21

Guest lecture on Monday April 13.

10 Abril 2015, 16:52

2nd Presentation

27 Março 2015, 11:26

Presentation of final results to the municipality of Sintra

9 Março 2015, 15:47

Corpo Docente

Maria do Rosário Sintra de Almeida Partidário



Margarida Barata Monteiro