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10 Junho 2015, 12:43 Maria do Rosário Sintra de Almeida Partidário

Dear students
I apologize for the confusion in the final marks generated by an error in the scores of each component of assessment: it is the final test that represents 30% of your marks and has a minimum mark of 8, and not the articles. I had found this out with your delegate a couple of months ago and we agreed that is what should apply, and that is what we have done, but we missed to change in the programme and perhaps your delegate also missed to inform you. All intermediate marks were correctly presented. I have just checked and corrected the final marks according to the correct proportions of each component.

Let me also use this opportunity to clarify what some of you have been questioning. For three or four students we have deliberately increased the final mark by a few decimals - this is done in my legitimate capacity as professor to value students that over the semestre showed capacities, dedication and performance above other colleagues of their own group and which final marks should reflect that capacity. I sometimes also do the opposite, which is to reduce the mark when students deserve, but it was necessary in your case. Overall you were a very good group, thank you for the experience.


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