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Antecipation of pilot test to check student enrollment

18 Maio 2020, 14:47 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

Due to high traffic in the platform, the test to check the students enrollment schedule to Tuesday, May 19th at 18:00 h Lisbon time is anticipated to 17:00 h Lisbon time in the same day. An invitation for a Zoom session will be sent to all students.

Falcão de Campos

Test on Potential Flow and Lifting Surfaces

16 Maio 2020, 10:29

Q&A on 18th May

15 Maio 2020, 10:03

Classes on Hydrodynamics

14 Abril 2020, 10:38

Classes resume on April 15th

8 Abril 2020, 18:39

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José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos



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