Grades Tests and First Oral examinations

17 Junho 2020, 18:46 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

The grade report of the tests is now published in the site of the course. The partial grading is specified for each group (in percentage). The upper row contains the maximum value of that group (in red).
Your suggestions about item b) of problem 1 of the second test were taken into account. The overall maximum grade of that problem is still 7 values but item b) now is worth only 2 values, while each one of the other items is now 1 value worth.
The right-hand side column of the grade report contains the weighted average of the two tests. Bear in mind that the weight of the first test is 40% and that of the second test is 60%.
The first orals will be on Friday (June 19) starting at 10:00 (Lisbon time zone) until 13:00 h and on Monday (June 22) starting at 15:00 until 18:00 h. Students interested in these early dates can apply sending us an e-mail on Thursday, 18th June. The remaining students will have the oral exams according to a schedule yet to be defined.
Best regards, 

José Maria André,
Falcão de Campos