External talk: "Pentaho Data Integration - Overview"

29 Novembro 2014, 23:19 Helena Galhardas

Next thursday, Dec. 4th, 9H30 (at IST Tagus Park), during the theoretical class, we'll have an external talk by Pedro Alves, from WebDetails (http://www.webdetails.pt), entitled "Pentaho Data Integration - Overview". The abstract of the talk is below. All students are welcome. In particular, we advise  all students from GTI-Tagus Park to be present.

Abstract: Introduction, concepts and architecture of the Pentaho Data Integration tool (Kettle). Background theory, examples and best practices of how to achieve ETL orchestration over a disparate sources and large quantity of data. With a large world-wide userbase, from small companies to the largest enterprises, from "small" data to the bigdata technology sources.