Class for Thursday, October the 30th on IST Alameda

27 Outubro 2014, 16:58 Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins

The last lecture concerning with the 2nd part of the course, i.e. information and data extraction, took place on Alameda on Monday the 27th of October, and will take place on TagusPark on Friday the 31st.

By next Thursday, October the 30th, the theoretical class planned for Alameda will not take place. Instead, for the students that have lab classes on Mondays and due to the fact that Bruno Martins will not be available on Monday the 3rd, students may attend a replacement lab class, scheduled for October the 30th from 14h30 to 16h00, at RNL lab 10. Students that are unable to attend this replacement class for the lab of Monday the 3rd should contact the lab instructor, in order for another alternative to be scheduled.