Grades Época Especial

17 Julho 2015, 12:49 Helena Galhardas

51643 - Francisco Saramago - 12.9

70603 - Francisco Antunes - 11.15
79466 - João Pedro Eduardo - 7.95

Students who want to visualize the correction of their exams can do that next tuesday, 21/7, 10H (room 2N5.19 IST Tagus/Helena Galhardas or INESC-ID Alameda/Pável Calado)

Final grades after visualization of exam 2 and oral examinations

10 Fevereiro 2015, 06:44 Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins

The final grades are on-line in section "Exams".

Please, check them and, if there is any mistake, send an email to the responsible instructors until wednesday, 11/2

Exam 2 - grades

8 Fevereiro 2015, 10:12 Helena Galhardas

Exam 2 grades are on-line.

Exam 2 - grades and visualization of the exam

6 Fevereiro 2015, 11:22 Bruno Emanuel Da Graça Martins

The grades of exam 2 will be online during the weekend. 

Those students who are registered in one campus and did the exam in the other one must go to see their exam at the campus where they did the exam. 

Students who want to see their exam corrected can do that on Monday, 9/2, 9H30 at Alameda (room F2)  and Tagus (room 2N7.1 ).

Oral examinations will take place after the visualization of the exams.

Exam 2 - rooms

29 Janeiro 2015, 20:12 Helena Galhardas

Students registered for the exam at Alameda campus must go to QA.

Students registered at Tagus must go to A3.