1st class

Introduction to the course.

1st class

Introduction to the course.

2nd class

Introduction to XML and related technologies

3rd class

The XPath language

4th class

The XSLT language

5th class

The XQuery language

6th class

The XQuery Update Facility

7th and 8th classes

Web data extraction (supervised).

9th and 10th classes

Web data extraction (unsupervised).

11th and 12th class

Information Extraction + A sliding windows annotator.

Hidden Markov Models

14th class

Application of Hidden Markov Models for Information Extraction

15th class

Introduction to data integration.

16th class

Manipulation of query expressions

17th class

Invited talk:

  • "Semantic APIs", Luís Sarmento, Alameda
  • "Medicine.Ask: an extraction and search system for medicine information", Vasco Mendes
  • "Consolidation of entities in social networks", André Nunes


18th class

Describing source descriptions

19th and 20th classes

String matching

21st and 22nd classes

Creating semantic mappings.

23rd class

Introduction to data cleaning.

24th class

Data matching

25th class

Data fusion